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My husband Tony worked in the advertising industry for over 30 years. 

During that time, he was on the road for at least a few days nearly every week; I had a career that allowed me to work from home while caring for our two sons. Tony saved the plastic hotel key cards from each business trip, dropping them into a large, clear plastic bin when he returned home.

Around the time we became empty nesters, the plastic bin overflowed. Drawn to the cards' bright colors and uniform shapes, I created this piece entitled Ketubah. The word means "contract" in Hebrew and is the sacred document that a Jewish bride and groom sign before their wedding ceremony in which they agree to honor and care for one another. This work is bittersweet: Each tiny card represents time a beloved husband and father spent away from his wife and children...but the beautiful aggregation symbolizes the work willingly undertaken by husband and wife to raise a family.

Tony now works from home, running a successful consulting practice. Ketubah hangs in his office.     2018

Edited keycard ketubah square.jpg
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